As for the improvement of potency in men the natural way

Almost all modern men, whose age want to know moving abroad for forty years, seriously, how the improvement of potency in men through natural means. The Problem of erectile dysfunction, in the course of a rule, medication is not only traditional, but also alternative medicine. And also the physical strain and the change of normal power supply.

as for the improvement of the potency

Methods to calculate the quality of the potency

The loss of male power to be able to men is a serious Problem, and can bury even in a Depression. But if you notice the symptoms in time and start time the same treatment, then there is a good Chance everything is back to normal. Only need to modify a little life style. Certain adjustments, which go, however only on the benefits of sex life.

What you should consider:

  • Sexual attraction to a sexual Partner – if you so desire, but no erection, this can with a strong fatigue, bad mood, or psychology;
  • Time on the recovery of the erection – as the smaller, the better the potency;
  • The quality of the ejaculation – sexual act must orgasm and ejaculation;
  • The level of erection during arousal, the Penis needs to Apache to grow in length and thickness always. And these settings should receive sexual intercourse from the beginning till his end. If the Penis was reduced in direct statements about the violation of the erectile function can. An inspection just with a normal Ring made out of paper. I put it on the Penis. If with the potency of everything is a tear in the paper.

Lately, more and more frequently, disorders of potency in men, whose age is not yet reached to the mark of forty years. But there are simple explanations. This and bad habits, and frequent Stress and sedentary activity, and promiscuity.

More professionally diagnose problems with the potency of just a urologist is. Is the Penis a special liquid, which is capable of an erection for a maximum of fifteen minutes will be introduced. The doctor is fond of the percentage of arousal, and the man only compare erections with his usual. It is about an hour.

Research sensitive Penis can be one of the most effective methods of diagnosis. The sensitivity of the Penis is defined by vibration. Its total absence is an indicator of the low sensitivity of the nerve-points in the basin. Sooner or later, the cause of the impotence is.

Special x-rays can also increase the levels of patency of the arteries in the Penis to calculate. In it, a special liquid, which was funded by the vessels is introduced. If the blood circulation in order to reduce the potency of mental problems to blame.

In the case of completely healthy men in the age up to fifty years of age, spontaneous erections should come up, rest is up to seven times during the night.

What are the causes of disorders in sexual function

Before you understand how to increase potency in men, it is important to understand what the cause of this problem. Among the causes may be:

  • Diseases of the circulatory System;
  • Diabetes;
  • The presence of harmful habits;
  • Chard of testosterone;
  • Lack of sleep;
  • Young Age;
  • Obesity varying degrees;
  • Increase in blood pressure;
  • A lack of exercise;
  • The injured spinal or inguinal hernia;
  • Chronic Fatigue;
  • Frequent Stress, excitement, bad mood.

By the determination of the basic cause, you can much faster and easier back in the Norm.


Drugs for potency

How to increase potency in men? The traditional medicine is able to provide a variety of medication, which is able to improve the potency for a short time. In the pharmacy there are drug, the organic or synthetic basis. They contribute to the strengthening of the erection for a long time.

But let's not forget that almost all of you have restrictions for consumption. You are allowed to take, if problems with the liver, the kidneys, the heart or the vessels. And if the man suffers from high or low blood pressure.

Such preparations allow for the strengthening of blood flow to the Penis the smooth muscles to relax. The vessels are expanded and increases the potency. Plus improve erection. But note that the medication is able to cause Libido.

These tablets can act at different times. Of four hours and up to days. Dosage and number of administration-user account, only the attending physician may assign. Because all these properties are based on the age of the man and his General state of health.

A very important point: the treatment with such drugs, it would be impossible, in case, if the Patient suffers from heart rhythm disorders, Angina pectoris or any Allergy.

The basic rule now share as little as possible of cum

Not important – removed whether intimate tension with its own resources or with a Partner. But it is necessary to avoid producing sperm. This is especially true for men, whose age has already crossed the mark of fifty years. The young are easier to recover after such a finish line. But it affects only boys.

This rule does not mean that we now have a cross on Sex. It's not about the money. You just have to try not bring himself to ejaculation. This is important as men live to be fifty, still alive from the sex, every time, when we have more time for Regeneration.

How can the effectiveness of natural methods

There is natural Variation, which don't require medication:

  • Folk Remedies;
  • Food exchange;
  • Physical activity and massage.

To achieve this through the introduction of useful changes, really fast increase the potency.

Alternative medicine problems

Medicine, the is of the people, also able to answer the question of how the strengthening of the potency in men. And a variety of formulas, the erections at home and prevent the occurrence of impotence. Unconventional medicines, in which, on the basis of herbal and bee products, not less productive as a pharmacy. But totally safe for the body and do not have almost any adverse effects.

Unpretentious recipes from folk medicine:

  • Two tablespoons of freshly squeezed Aloe juice mixed with half a glass of liquid honey. Take half a teaspoon three times a day before eating. The course of treatment is twelve weeks.
  • The Infusion of green tea help prevent or to cure impotence. Two tablespoons leaf tea and half a Cup of sugar is necessary, pour forget a Liter of vodka and a week in the fridge. Infusion drink during the month prior to going to sleep in a teaspoon.
  • A few tablespoons of crushed St. John's wort, pour a glass of hot water, close and infuse for an hour. Strain and drink a quarter Cup three times a day. Drink helps, the Stagnation, eliminate, improve the flow of blood. Infusion three weeks to drink it.
  • Mix in equal quantities of chopped walnuts, nuts, figs and dates. Add as many honey. You eat a tablespoon of this mixture two to three times per day. It has a positive impact on the Libido and the constant consumption capable of erection, and improve overall health.

It is desirable to eat in addition to every day, a dozen bee.

Food for potency

Food for potency

If you are such the first signs of decrease in potency, to the man it is desirable to reconsider your diet – the complete waiver of oily, fried food and fast Food. This is one of the most effective ways to increase potency in men at home. Most of the food includes all the substances required for sexual arousal. And, thus, improve the internal state. The best results in this case, the vitamins A, B, e. show

How to improve potency in men:

  • Seafood – Caviar, Mussels, Fish, Oysters;
  • Meat – lamb meat, lean beef, rabbit, bird;
  • Can – onions, carrots, turnips, beets, celery, beans, horseradish, garlic;
  • Fresh Nuts – Walnuts, Pine Nuts, Almond;
  • Fruit and berries – banana, grapes, strawberries, raspberries, dried fruits, dates;
  • Chocolate – black (not less than 65% cocoa content);
  • Eggs – chicken or quail.

All of the food, it is desirable, cooking, baking, stewing or cooking on a pair. Eat four times a day in small portions. The last meal should be two to three hours before bedtime. If you go this route, you can easily and quickly increase the male force.


Thus, the potency to strengthen to an appropriate level, man must several times a day Anal muscles on their toes antibodies. About five to ten seconds. And after ten repetitions with a break of thirty seconds. This is the easiest exercise. And one of the advantages of using is that you can place them anywhere and go unnoticed by other people.

Here are a few simple exercises:

  • Quick movement of the pelvis. On the bare body will be executed. Feet shoulder width apart and slightly bent. Quickly crawl back and forth with the maximum possible Amplitude. Deep breaths and slow Ausatmungen. Seven breaths is equal to a single approach. Need to do six approaches, with a Pause of half a Minute.
  • Rotation of the pelvis. The basin with a maximum Amplitude – forty times in each direction. This exercise helps improve the blood circulation in the small pelvis and the back to strengthen muscles.
  • Lunges. For this exercise you need a dumbbell, whose weight must be at least three kilograms. Hands down at the seams, then enter as far forward as possible, trying to touch the ground, the king's meadow to the other leg. In this way, the twelve steps in each leg to run.
  • The Slopes. Legs puncturing bow wider than the shoulders, to heated front seats to reach trying to the floor. The king's meadow bend, or. What you need to four sets of twenty repetitions. In the course of time, the number of repetitions are necessary in order to fifty.
  • Squats. The feet need to arrange wider than the shoulders, buttocks clamping. Crouch, without hurrying up, without raising the heels from the floor. In an extreme point, count to three and slowly rise. Only you have to make twenty times. Not less important is a gradual increase in the time, the fixation of the Position of three to fifteen seconds.

A very important point: the charge Massage is worth Supplement. Turf brings relaxed to the balls, massaged them with gentle pressure. The Massage helps to improve the potency in men. In this way, you can increase the levels of testosterone and increase the volume of sperm. In addition, at zero risk of impotence, and even sterility are reduced.

To warn both men disease

To help save power for the coming years prevention unpretentious. You have to drink less strong tea and coffee.

Stop to consume alcohol, to smoke. Tobacco narrows the blood vessels and thereby the blood circulation is deteriorating. Alcoholic drinks and so are not able to benefit. And the beer helps the body to produce hormones, the more intrinsically weaker sex than men. Probably will reject it immediately difficult. But with time, the effect will be noted.

Men should be rigid to follow their own weight. After fifty years, the representatives of the stronger sex impotence "wakes up" due to the occurrence of diseases of the cardiovascular, urogenital, endocrine systems. And any part of them arising as a result of the increase in the weight.

Prevention Potency

Simple rules for the preservation of sexual health:

  • To follow the diet. The healthier the food, the purer the blood;
  • They control the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the blood;
  • Get rid of obesity;
  • You must sleep and go on the road for at least forty minutes per day;
  • Allow yourself to relax. Lift the mood easily without the help of alcohol and cigarettes. The fatigue homeopathic a negative effect on the erection;
  • Regular physical activity. At least a half-hour of the day save function helps men in General, not only the potency, but also the shape;
  • Sexual intercourse is not less than a couple of times per week. Physiologically, self-satisfaction replaces the sexual copulation, but the improvement of the psycho-emotional state does not help;

Again, potency of normality in the home, every man can. You just need to get rid of the bad habits and the food poisons the body. Not neglected are likely to be and the people's medicine. In advanced cases, not without the help of Dr. it is an effective treatment appoints.